Cheap insurance

Often people ask, “who does cheap insurance”. The question should actually be, “what kind of insurance cover do I need”? As a yoga teacher, it is likely you will need some sort of insurance when teaching classes. The type of classes that you regularly teach will dictate what kind of insurance cover you will require. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right policy for you. The level of Public Liability insurance will vary depending on where you are taking your classes. Teachers taking classes at one place, such as a yoga studio, will require different cover to […]

Cashed up

One of the biggest mistakes a yoga teacher can make, is neglecting to declare their cash income to the tax office. Particularly when starting out, if you do outdoor classes or have a lot of casual payments, you may be lured into a false economy, where cash payments don’t end up making it onto your books. Why is it so important to declare your income? As yoga teachers we live, breath and teach the yamas and niyamas, “right living” or ethical rules, such as truthfulness (satya), and asteya (non-stealing). We are not more important than others within our community, nor […]

The “C” word

In the yoga industry, it seems “contracts” are rare. We seem to get by with a lot of understanding and assumption. When paying for a yoga space, taking on a teaching gig, establishing a yoga workshop or entering an advertising agreement, it isn’t until something goes wrong, that we realise that there often wasn’t something in writing in place. It was in one of my first yoga teaching experiences of starting up classes at a yoga space, that I was taught the importance of contracts. Each week I was required to pay the same amount for using the space, even […]

Show me the money!

Yoga teachers often find it difficult to talk about money in relation to yoga. Well, you will need to learn to accept this, as it is a part of yoga. When you think about all the money you have invested in your learning, starting with attending regular yoga classes, through to your yoga teacher training, you have invested well, and conversation about money will need to happen. Conversations about money will happen when you are teaching for someone else, and with accepting payment from students that attend your classes. It is important to have the communication before the exchange happens, […]

So you want to be a yoga teacher?

Where do you start? Firstly, it is important to have the right intentions when deciding to become a yoga teacher. It genuinely is a life path, comes from a desire to better the lives of others and passion to share this through yoga. One thing it is not, is a career! You will be teaching when everyone is relaxing after work, on the weekends, or before everyone is up for work. The pay is minimal, unless you manage to navigate success in a saturated market, or the world of social media. As many of you might know, it takes a […]

Facebook, a dirty word?

Have you ever noticed that people cringe or at least have an opinion when ever you mention Facebook? Despite being around for over ten years, this social media site still continues to polarise people, and most still find Facebook a dirty word. For some there is a stigma attached to a narcissistic attitude that seems to be required when actively using Facebook, for others there is fear in privacy and how the data collected is used. And rightly so, we provide our full name, date of birth, place of birth and parents full names, all of which are used by […]