alternative solutions for life

Gaynor is passionate in providing her clients with support and guidance to attain a healthy, balanced and energised life through yoga and natural therapy.

Gaynor offers sessions with Kinesiology, Reiki, Flower Essences, RESET Jaw Correction, Reflexology and Bowen Therapy and has been in private practice for over twenty years.

In each session, Gaynor combines therapies that use physical touch for releasing stress and facilitating healing, with focus on identifying emotional and mental patterns impacting physical health. These sessions aim to bring energetic balance to improve the ability of the body’s systems to work together and stimulate wellness, so you feel lighter, strong, healthy and happy.

Gaynor is an experienced and nurturing yoga teacher, offering Ashtanga and specialised yoga classes and workshops. She is a highly accredited yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for over fifteen years.

Through her passion for yoga and teaching, she established Mala Yoga studio in Fremantle in 2012 and later sold the business. She now offers consultations to other studio owners to assist in developing their own yoga studio.