Healing Room- essences
Kinesiology understands there is more to the human being than just the physical body. Muscle response is used to access the deeper memory of your body, where past and present knowledge is stored. This technique helps to gain better information surrounding current physical health and therefore where to begin corrections.

Combining Western knowledge with Eastern medicine and principles, allows better understanding of the interrelationships within the body and the effects of imbalances therefore encouraging integration of all aspects of the person.

A variety of subtle and major imbalances can be detected and addressed, including food sensitivities, allergies and dietary imbalances, physical strain and injury, addictions, emotional instability and overwhelm mental confusion, energy levels, environmental influences, structural displacement and more.

Balance is restored through touch for health, a hands on approach bringing awareness back to specific parts of the body, such as muscles, acupressure or trigger points, energy meridians, organs and structures. Awareness and understanding is brought to the more subtle aspect of ourselves, our emotional and behavioural responses to our experiences in life and how these resonate within our body’s biology.

Treatments and corrections are specialised and unique for each individual, and the presenting symptoms. Sessions also incorporate Flower Essences, Bowen, Reflexology, Reiki and other therapies to work on freeing stress from the physical body, clearing emotional and mental imbalances on all levels and for renewing health, wellness and peace of mind.

Reiki is an ancient healing art using the technique of the placing of hands on or over the body and held for short intervals, to bring awareness to an area or part of the body. A relaxing and nurturing therapy, it brings deeper relaxation to the body, encouraging stillness within and unrestricted flow of energy. This state offers the opportunity for reorganisation and balance in all aspects of being.

When parts of the body are over working, Reiki allows the body to deeply relax and release stress. When energy flows freely, areas that were not functioning effectively are stimulated and recharged.

Flower Essences are taken internally and can be also applied in sprays or topically to areas of the body. Flower Essences are a vibration medicine, freeing the subtle aspect of our selves and having profound influence on emotions, the mind and the person’s general energy and sense of wellbeing.

Bowen therapy is the use of gentle moves on soft tissue in key places on the body to re-hydrate the muscles and connective tissue and re-distribute the balance of water through out the body. Hydrating the body stimulates energy flow to release tension, strains and blockages, empowering the body’s own resources to naturally re-balance and heal itself.

Massage and gentle pressure is applied to specific points or reflexes in the feet or hands that correspond to each part of the body. Reflexology allows the entire body to relax and release tension, toxins and stress to restore balance and health.

RESET Jaw Correction
RESET is a simple technique which uses healing energy to release tension in the muscles of the jaw (TMJ). RESET assists the flow of information and energy between the brain and the body